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"Hey Rob, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. I took your hunting course a couple years ago. I was an experienced hunter when I went, but you opened my eyes on a few key factors. I was able to kill a 9 point 210 lb trophy buck this year because of it"
J.C. 5/15/21 Scouting and Patterning Mature Whitetail Bucks workshop

'Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn more about tracking whitetails. This is my second workshop with rob and I’ve learned new things at each one that will ultimately help me grow and succeed as a hunter. Anyone looking for more information on this style of hunting or deer hunt in general. I’d highly recommend a seminar put on by Rob. I look forward to my next seminar and upcoming season. Thank you again! Best of luck in the 2022 season.

Thank you”
P.R. 1/22/22 Tracking and Still Hunting Mature Whitetails workshop

 "This workshop was presented by Rob Richardson. His down-to-earth explanation of the finer points and skills necessary to successfully hunt mature bucks was well received. The presentation was enhanced with a magnitude of personal experiences, exceptional hand-drawn diagrams, a video of a recent two day track of a mature buck and ample exchange with the hunters who were present. Topics included locating the track, identifying various deer tracks, reading and aging tracks, strategies following the track, and utilizing thermals. A good day—well worth the time and effort."
R.L. 1/22/22 Tracking and Still Hunting Mature Whitetails workshop

"This was the second whitetail workshop led by Rob that I've attended. He shares his knowledge and educates in a friendly, engaging, and easy to understand style. Well worth the time and money, the info provided is entertaining and valuable for all experience levels. Rob provides countless tips and insights, answers every question, and openly shares his knowledge. Simply put, attending Rob's workshops are not only entertaining but will make you a better hunter!"
JL 1/22/22 Tracking and Still Hunting Mature Whitetails workshop

"Thanks for letting attend the tracking class yesterday. I had a good time and enjoyed the information and stories.
N.W. 1/22/22 Tracking and Still Hunting Mature Whitetails workshop

"Thank you so much for a great class! I had a great time and got tons of helpful information. Plus the stories were awesome too!! I hope to meet you again!"
L.C. 1/22/22 Tracking and Still Hunting Mature Whitetails workshop

"I really enjoyed the Tracking Mature Bucks workshop that I attended. There was an organized agenda that covered a variety of topics and I appreciated all the questions that Rob would stop to address along the way. The workshop provided the opportunity to hear different perspectives on the subject which was all valuable knowledge I'll be sure to apply this fall."
J.B. 2/5/22 Tracking and Still Hunting Mature Whitetails workshop

"Thank you for the informative workshop yesterday! I enjoyed it very much."
M.C. 2/19/22 Shed Hunting New England workshop

"Thanks again for another great seminar yesterday, always learning and picking up new things! Lots of good info again."
J.L. 2/19/22 Shed Hunting New England workshop

"Another successful workshop with Rob. Today's workshop on shed hunting was most helpful. Based off of the class information and notes I took down, I have great faith I'll find a shed when I go out for my 1st year of shed hunting. Rob's personal experiences and knowledge will again build my knowledge and ability as an outdoorsman. Thanks to the multiple classes I've taken with Rob I now approach hunting with a new found positive outlook and respect. If your looking for more knowledge on whitetail hunting I strongly recommend any class out on by Rob Richardson jr."
P.R. 3/12/22 Semi Private- Shed Hunting New England Workshop

"I really enjoyed Robs shed hunting class. I found it very informative. I came out of it with some great tips and solid information. His lifetime of being in the woods observing deer has paid off. A bonus was to handle some of the large sheds he has found.
T.G. 3/12/22 Semi Private- Shed Hunting New England Workshop

"I'm 45 and have been hunting the Grafton county area all my life. I grew up doing deer drives and a little stand hunting here and there. But in the last couple of years I've moved away from that kinda hunting and started getting into learning how to pattern mature bucks and the science behind it. Don't get me wrong I've shot some beautiful bucks doing drives but I needed a change. Came across this workshop at a local outing club (Enfield Outing Club) that Richardson Whitetail Services was putting on. Tracking and still hunting mature whitetails. My first thought was yup, just another service that's gonna come in with their fancy camo shirts with sponsorship patches sewn all over them. Boy was I wrong. Rob and his wife are are great people and are no different than you and me. I signed up for the still hunting aspect of the class more than anything. But I did learn a lot about reading tracks, aging tracks,and how to tell a mature buck track from others. Learning the tracking aspect was great. Following and reading what the bucks are doing and the clues they leave us that give us an idea of where they are headed. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who has a chance to take it. Great people."
T.S. 8/13/22
Tracking and Still Hunting Mature Whitetails workshop

"It was an awesome class, I learned a lot of details I was missing. I believe this class will help in all types of hunting in the future. I look forward to seeing what other classes you will have in the future. "
R.P. 8/13/22 
Tracking and Still Hunting Mature Whitetails workshop

"I enjoyed it very much and want to thank you both. My only regret was having to leave early. "
D.H. 8/13/22
Tracking and Still Hunting Mature Whitetails workshop

"Thank you for the opportunity to attend your tracking and still hunting class. The class provided me with a lot of useful information that I believe will help improve my odds in the seasons to come. Rob is a very knowledgeable person and can help you break down your hunting area to further your chances at finding game. It was great to be able to listen and chat with someone that has the respect and love for chasing whitetails as so many of us do. I can’t wait to attend the scouting and game camera class to further improve my knowledge.
Z.H. 1/7/23 Tracking and Still Hunting Mature Whitetails workshop

" Well, after fifty years of hunting Whitetail, you would think there would not be much more to learn. I was pleasantly proven wrong when I went to a tracking big buck/still hunting seminar with RWS recently. Rob and Diane did a wonderful job putting this together. It was very informative and fun. Rob is a speaker, and obviously a very successful hunter and tracker. He made it extremely comfortable to ask questions and Diane and Rob supplied material that will be useful for many, many more hunting seasons. I look forward to doing more seminars with RWS and very thankful for what I have learned so far.”
R.M. 1/28/23 Tracking and Still Hunting Mature Whitetails workshop

"I attended the January 28th Tracking and Still Hunting Mature Whitetails workshop. As a new hunter of 2 years, I had not attended a "formal" class before for hunting topics and came with an open mind seeking different perspectives and strategies to be successful. The only experience I had with snow tracking was aimless and without a plan. A couple weeks after the class, I was looking forward to directly applying the knowledge from Rob and I found myself in a textbook scenario tracking a big buck in snow and elevation, to see if it would play out as described in the class. And it did, in a textbook fashion. I followed the "steps" to predicting where I'd find that buck bedding area in a stalking scenario. It's clear that the class is founded on years of real experience and objective facts of buck behavior. Looking forward to attending more classes from a trustworthy and honorable hunter."
S.V.1/28/23 Tracking and Still Hunting Mature Whitetails workshop

“Had a blast at the outdoor workshop! I’m 56 and have been deer hunting most of my life and have had a good deal of success, but am always eager to learn more about whitetail behavior. Rob’s workshop revealed insights into mature buck behavior that have always puzzled me and will make me a better, smarter hunter this fall. I learned some new information, confirmed some theories I’ve had, and dispelled some myths that I’d been operating under, thanks to Rob’s expertise. And I met a bunch of cool people in the process who were all eager to learn and share their experiences about everything from deer to mushrooms!”
D.W. 4/8/23 Scouting and Trail Cameras-How to locate and pattern Mature Whitetails

"I had the opportunity to take Richardson's Whitetail Service's outdoor workshop this year and I'm excited that I did. I read, listen to podcasts, and watch videos, but there really is no substitute for sitting in a big buck's bed and looking from his perspective while you talk with Rob and the rest of the class about the reasons why he was there, which way he went, and most importantly, the best way to hunt that deer. I was hoping to gain a new perspective and better understanding when it comes to patterning mature whitetails, and I left this class with a substantial amount of new knowledge that I had not picked up in the last 25 years of hunting. Rob Richardson truly loves what he does and enjoys every minute of the class and sharing stories. It was a great day and I'm glad I committed this day to improving my hunting!"
L.B. 4/22/23
Scouting and Trail Cameras-How to locate and pattern Mature Whitetails

"I’ve listened to hours of podcast and watch countless YouTube videos. Nothing is compared to amount tips and little nuggets of knowledge I gained by going to your workshop. I was able to pick up on some helpful tips when you were normal conversation with another hunter. Being able to stand over a community scarpe while being taught/asking questions is an experience that positively changed my hunting learning curve. I can’t recommend this class enough, especially coming from someone who is the only hunter in the family with no one to go to for help. It was well worth driving home for two hours in wet and muddy clothes."
J.L. 4/29/23 Scouting and Trail Cameras-How to locate and pattern Mature Whitetails

"I took the class how to locate and pattern mature whitetail bucks. It is a great class I learned quite a bit, and meet some great people. This is a must class to take to follow up on his class tracking and still hunting class. The two classes give you the class room work and then hands on class work (in the field). We got to see different types of beds, and scrapes. For me seeing and walking the draws and saddles and feeling the thermals and how they work was very helpful and important to me. It’s about a 6 hour hike so wear good boots bring your lunch and your questions and enjoy."
R.P. 4/29/23 Scouting and Trail Cameras-How to locate and pattern Mature Whitetails

"Another great day in the woods. Learned a lot and appreciate your willingness to share your experiences and knowledge.
Thanks for a great day."

T.P. 4/29/23 Scouting and Trail Cameras-How to locate and pattern Mature Whitetails

"Just took my second deer seminar with Richardson’s Whitetail and can’t say enough of how satisfied I am. Rob’s knowledge and how clearly he explains this knowledge is so clear. It is very obvious Rob has studied his craft to an extreme. Even after 50 years of hunting, I get enough out of their seminars that they are well worth attending. I look forward to working with Rob and Diane in the future."
R.M. 4/29/23 Scouting and Trail Cameras-How to locate and pattern Mature Whitetails


"Richardson’s Whitetail Services LLC, where do we start ?

I made initial contact through an email submission, they reached out to me in under 24 hrs .
Our first conversation lasted over an hour just talking and connecting on what we both enjoy and love about being outdoors . After the phone call there was a follow up email for Diane confirming our scheduled appointment and bullet pointing my wishes on the site visit.
Rob was prompt to the meeting time and again went over what we wanted, the meeting with Rob was for a full property consultation on deer management and using our land to its fullest potential. After a full day of enjoyment and more knowledge then one can take in on a days time, I was blown away. It is amazing to bounce ideas of another outdoorsmen with the same passions as you. There were many things we agreed on , many things he opened our eyes to and things we all learned. During the visit he pointed out what he saw , liked, and felt could change .
The most amazing part of my experience was about 3 weeks later when a ups package arrived ! A full 3 ringed binder synopsis of the property visit , timber stand, land mass, topography and herd was spelt out to the letter . His memory and attention to detail blew my mind, there was no stone unturned in these notes for me .
All and all if you want a person who will not pat their own back , not tell you only what you want to hear, but also what you don’t and just give you facts this is the company for you!
Rob was a true gentleman and his wife was a pleasure, making sure our visit was seamless."
J.R.C March 2022 Full Property Consultation

"I recently had Richardson's Whitetail Services do a consultation on my property in Grafton County and I could not be more pleased.
Rob scouted the property himself, took soil samples, and then met with me at the property and we spent a full day walking through it.
He explained its features, layout, wildlife situation, pointed out deer sign, and gave me recommendations on hunting patterns and food plot locations.
Then, I received a 30 page report in the mail with everything we had discussed, including a 5 year plan for how to best manage my property for the future.
I'm extremely happy with how thorough he was with my property. I'm looking forward to implementing his recommendations and having him back to my property in the future for an update. "
Z.R. April & May 2022 Full Property Consultation

"I first met Rob Richardson at a show last winter. After the show we got talking about property consultation, and ended up scheduling a 2-Day Visit to my Camp.
Rob was On-Time, Energetic and Enthusiastic! This isn't a "Job" for him, it is a Passion!
His understanding of the woods, subtle changes, and deer sign completely blew my mind. It's easy for someone so advanced to note what he is seeing and keep moving, but he didn't do that: He took the time to explain it on the fly and get us up to speed.
I also liked that he didn't sugar coat anything, whether it good, bad, or ugly; the property owner needs to know!
Having soil samples as part of his consult is also a huge deal and convenience for the landowner!
I've worked with Rob at my camp post consult, and plan to again moving forward!
Hire This Guy, He's Worth It!
May 2022 Full Property Consultation

"Rarely do you meet someone who shares your passion for Whitetails and their habitat. I did in March when Rob visited our farm in Maine. His consultation provided feedback on current plans, and insight on the property I hadn't seen because I was "too close".
His report arrived today, and it has inspired us to do more for our wildlife. I am eager to incorporate his recommendations into our management plan.
A.C. March 2023 Full Property Consultation


"It was such a pleasure to have Rob walk the mountain with me.
His keen eye for subtle sign in the deer woods picked up on key things, such as buck bedding and entry/exit trails that I would never have noticed scouting the area on my own.
Rob's knowledge of local food plant species is very helpful when locating deer food sources in what otherwise appears to be plain old woods.
The knowledge I gained in just a few hours will help me greatly as I expand my exploration of that big piece of woods."
M.S. June 2022 Hunting Area Consultation

"Thanks Rob for a great day in the woods! Your knowledge of whitetails and how they are using my piece of woods was eyeopening! You gave me some great ideas and areas to focus my attention on this fall. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise."
T.P. August 2022 Hunting Area Consultation

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