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Here at Richardson's Whitetail Services LLC we are passionate about improving properties for optimal wildlife habitat and hunting opportunities.
We have two goals: To help educate hunters and shed hunters to be better through our popular workshops, and to help landowners to improve their property for all wildlife.
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Pre Purchase Land Evaluations:
We will help you decide if a property will fullfill your needs before you buy!

Hunting Area Consultations:
We will analyze your hunting area and give you detailed information you can use.

Property Consultations:
We will provide you with sound methods to build a healthier deer herd, support wildlife of all species, and manage your property to reach it's maximum potential in an understandable way.

If you have own or are buying property and have a goal of hunting and producing great Whitetails OR you just want to see more deer and other wildlife, Richardson's Whitetail Services LLC can help you to reach your goals.

By using time tested methods, knowledge coupled with an understanding of Whitetail behavior and biology, we can help you transform your property into the best habitat that it can be. By offering the deer the multitude of resources that they need, you can grow your herd and deer quality.

We can come to your property and provide you with a full property assessment which can include: Pre season camera surveys, full property evaluation, and more.

Our full synopsis of your land will put you in the position to make improvements to increase your chances of success and build a better herd and diverse wildlife.

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